Immersion Science seminar - Ile Tudy, France, March 31st 2023

As it is the case for the last ten years, we were invited to the Immersion Science seminar. For the 12th edition of Immersion Sciences, the nautical center of Ile Tudy (Brittany, France) welcomed sixty-three students from twenty regional high schools. This immersion program, initiated by the Academy of Rennes, Brittany region and CNRS, allowed the students to meet, exchange and debate with scientists, attend conferences and visit companies and laboratories. Several topics were covered, from astrophysics, mathematics, acoustics and of course, the deep-sea.

We did two conferences, one on the functioning of deep-sea ecosystems and the potential exploitation of their resources and the other on meiofauna. We also animated two workshops: the first explaining how to extract biological data on imagery acquired by deep-sea observatories and inviting students to participate to the Deep Sea Spy citizen project ( and the second, exploring the sea side to find and learn how to observed using different techniques living meiofaunal species.

The major objective of this seminar is to arouse student interest and induce vocations by giving them the desire to "do" science!