DESSA: A workshop with the street artist Teuthis

Nan Chin Chu, Hélène Leau, Jozée Sarrazin, Ifremer 

This workshop called DESSA for «Deep Sea Street Art» was organized by three scientists from Ifremer for twelve Master students from the universities and engineer schools of IsBlue to explore, during one week, the theme of the deep-sea through the drawing and exhibition of deep-sea fauna, submersibles or ecosystems. Led by the street artist Teuthis, the students imagined and exposed their large collages on the walls around the University during the second week of January and a web site was designed to promote their work and give some scientific information about them.

The project will be presented during the UN Ocean Decade Conference happening in April 2024 and post-cards were designed to promote students' drawings.

Stickers from the artist were printed and will be distributed during our annual meeting to promote deep-sea animals, tools and ecosystems during our outreach events.