Outreach activities

A number of actions towards members of society will be undertaken to increase awareness about deep-sea ecosystems as well as social, ecological and economic impacts of anthropogenic activities. They include a number of representations of the theater play DONVOR, vox-pop video interviews and radio projects with local communities and the design of a draft comic book about mineral resources (collab. comic-book artist D. Roudaut with Ifremer scientists) to involve and engage with the next generation.
DEEP-REST scientists also participate into different events dedicated to the general public including Fête de la Science, Jeunes reporters des arts et des sciences, the Ressac art & science festival (2022, France), Immersion Science, Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia (Portugal) and many others. These events represent unique opportunities to talk about deep-sea ecosystems, issues around mining and launch a debate around preservation, impacts and alternative solutions.

Immersion Science

BEEP scientists were again present in this year's edition of Immersion Science, which took place March 27 at Ile Tudy, in southern Brittany. 

Exploring the Depths: A unique participatory conference on biodiversity protection in the deep sea

An extraordinary participatory conference took place this winter, captivating the audience with its innovative approach to addressing the challenges of protecting biodiversity in the deep sea.

The deep sea, a source of inspiration and creation - RESSAC symposium, Brest March 30th 2023

During the 3-day workshop, students have the opportunity to discover Jozée Sarrazin's deep-sea research, to work on several artistic disciplines (writing, theater, music & sound...) and to share their knowledge and know-how. 

IceAGE vent fields – Nights at the Museums

To kick off the “Im Tiefenrausch – Film unter Wasser” (In the depths of rapture – film under water) exhibition at the German Film Institute and Film Museum, Frankfurt (DFF), running 01.07.2022 – 08.01.2023, the IceAGE team sent various film material and pre-recorded interviews to embed in the exhibition. 

DESSA: A workshop with the street artist Teuthis

This workshop called DESSA for «Deep Sea Street Art» was organized by three scientists from Ifremer for twelve Master students from the universities and engineer schools of IsBlue.

Exhibition “Abyss: where life invents itself”

A meeting with two passionate artists -Sylvie Salmon and Valérie Ferchaud- eager to immerse themselves in the world of research on the deep seabed, took place in 2021 with Jozée Sarrazin.

Immersion Science seminar - Ile Tudy, France, March 31st 2023

For the 12th edition of Immersion Sciences, the nautical center of Ile Tudy (Brittany, France) welcomed sixty-three students from twenty regional high schools. 

DONVOR: a poetic immersion in the abyss

Because it appeals to the emotions, the theater leads the spectators to let themselves go and to take hold of the subject almost without their knowledge

A journey between two deep-sea scientists, a seaman and a cartoonist

The presence of Damien Roudeau, a cartoonist all along the Momarsat 2022 cruise contributed to reinforce the synergy between all on-board teams.