IceAGE vent fields – Nights at the Museums

To kick off the “Im Tiefenrausch – Film unter Wasser” (In the depths of rapture – film under water) exhibition at the German Film Institute and Film Museum, Frankfurt (DFF), running 01.07.2022 – 08.01.2023, the IceAGE team sent various film material and pre-recorded interviews to embed in the exhibition. On World Ocean Day (6th June), IceDivA PhD student Jenny Neuhaus (DZMB, Senckenberg) participated in the grand opening, being interviewed alongside Henry Knauber (Senckenberg, Frankfurt) and Dr. Tina Kaiser (University of Marburg) to discuss the role of media in the depiction of the underwater realm, and its realism therein, as well as the work and environments that take place in real world science. IceAGE/IceDivA will return with active participation during the closing event (07.01.2023) with Dr. James Taylor and Dr. Saskia Brix being part of an open panel session to field questions from the general public on our work and the IceAGE vent fields.

Also in the world of outreach, the opening of the photo exhibition "IceAGE" on Tuesday, September 20, in the Schlaues Haus, Oldenburg, Germany, has taken place. The exhibition shows photographs by award-winning underwater photographer Solvin Zankl, who accompanied an expedition team from the Senckenberg am Meer institute. The exhibition shows the underwater world around Iceland, including the IceAGE vent field, as part of the IceAGE project. The aim is to understand what exactly influences the distribution of species in this sensitive region and what role climate change plays in this. The photographs can now be seen in the Schlaues Haus from September 20th to December 30th. The exhibition was opened with the presence of the photographer on Tuesday, September 20th 2022, at 7 p.m and is open Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m by December 2022.