UBO - Denis Bailly

Denis Bailly

As environmental economist, Denis Bailly has worked on participatory integrated assessment in support to the implementation of public policies in the fields of marine environmental and resources management, including the coordination of international programmes. Beside research on the evaluation of ecosystem services, he has developed, with his team, stakeholder engagement methodologies. He has also been in charge of coordinating the French Ecosystem and Ecosystem Services Assessment for Marine and Coastal Ecosystems (EFESE, 2016-2018) and responsible for the Economic and Social Analysis for the implementation of the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive in France (2010 to present). As coordinator of the Ocean University Initiative, a science-policy interface, he contributes to national debate related to the BBNJ treaty (Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdictions) and leads the French participation in the project “Hybride governance in high seas” funded by FFEM (2021-2026).