GEOMAR - Matthias Haeckel

Matthias Haeckel

Matthias Haeckel's marine research work comprises the understanding of early diagenetic processes in the marine environment with a focus on the global carbon cycle, cold vent & gas hydrate systems, the determination of fluid & gas sources, and the assessment of the response of the marine environment to anthropogenic activities, such as deep-sea mining, subseafloor CO2 storage, gas hydrate exploitation, oil & gas production, and pollution (e.g., plastic debris).

This also includes transfer of the scientific results into information products for policymakers, regulators, NGOs, industry and other interested stakeholders as well as the general public. Dr. Haeckel has worked on impacts from deep-sea mining for 25 years and, since 2015, is the coordinator of the European JPI Oceans Project 'MiningImpact' with 30 partners, including the International Seabed Authority.