Art and Science on-board transdisciplinary workshop

Ifremer and Teatr Piba, funded by the research university school ISblue, will join forces again in 2022 to offer to students a second on-board transdisciplinary workshop, combining "art and science" on the island of Batz. It is open for all ISblue community students (university, research organisation, engineering school) around a common theme : deep-sea ecosystems, the challenges of their exploitation and their conservation. These subjects are at the heart of the current issues and are part of the main questions of society today. A scientist, artists and students from all horizons will come together for a weekend so that their research, their expertise and their personal experiences intersect, intermingle and shed light on these issues in an unexpected way. On the island of Batz, we will work on transversalities, pooling these resources and experience: everyone's interests in the environmental issues raised and the fact of living together surrounded by the ocean, far from home. The workshop aims to raise students' awareness of the issues involved in deep-sea mining while attempting to find innovative solutions to scientific, legal and societal challenges.

It will be led by 1 scientist specialised in the deep sea (J Sarrazin, UMR BEEP, Ifremer) and 4 artists (C Heilmann - actress, T Cloarec - director, G Peaudecerf - sound engineer, S Durand - video maker/photographer and chef). Short performances will be given by the students at the end of the weekend. You will have the chance to attend this performance as part of the Arts Pulseurs festival on Friday 4 November and the drawings of comic artist Damien Roudeau, sketched on board an oceanographic expedition dedicated to the study of the deep sea which will be exhibited at the entrance to the auditorium.